Critiquing Comparet, Swift and Emahiser, 2015 - 2016

Critiquing Comparet, Swift and EmahiserThis Christogenea CD contains a collection of Christogenea podcasts from 2015 and 2016 containing presentations and critical commentary by William Finck of selected sermons and papers of Bertrand Comparet, Wesley Swift and Clifton Emahiser.

Among the topics discussed:

Ruth was not a racial Moabite; Israel's Fingerprints and Israel's Migrations; Daniel's Fifth Kingdom; Emahiser on E. Raymond Capt's view of the Jews; A Faith for these Days, Let's Examine the Evidence, and Sickness, Healing and Death; Nine Covenants with the Adamic Man, the fiction of Telegony, Born Under Contract, and more...

 Written notes for each of the dozen podcasts on this CD are included, as Open Office documents or in PDF format.

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