All Christogenea T-Shirts are on hold, unavailable, because began to monitor and prohibit certain of our designs. had management problems and closed almost as soon as we made a full switch to them, and we are having problems finding another suitable vendor.


All Christogenea CDs are manufactured by and sold through, a reputable company which has their own terms and return policies.

The CDs require either a computer CD or DVD player, or a Music CD player that can play MP3 files. Only a few of our titles are standard audio CDs.

Christogenea has nothing to do with your CD purchases through this 3rd Party, and we cannot interact with them on your behalf. We would, however, like to be informed if there are any tangible problems so that we may act accordingly. However after three years, we are quite pleased with Trepstar and we have found them to operate an excellent service.

Questions and issues may be resolved by writing William Finck. See the Contact page at for options.

The following concerns our book sales, which we now take full responsibility for here at Christogenea:

Caveat Emptor

We have no return policy. We expect anyone who purchases our books to be familiar with our work before doing so. If you are not, please go to where all of our writings are freely available. Then if you so desire, you may make a more prudent decision as to whether or not you should purchase our books.

U.S. Shipping

Our shipping costs are higher than a large company with a commercial contract that ships thousands of books each day. Not even large companies can compete with Amazon. However compared to some companies, our rates are actually inexpensive.

For instance, Magcloud charges $5.53 to package and ship just one of our Saxon Messenger magazines via the U.S. Postal Service, and $7.11 via UPS Ground. That is more expensive than we ship one book via corresponding USPS Media Mail, for which we must charge $4.50 for the first book, and Priority Mail services for which we charge, and are charged in turn, $6.65 for one book.

International Shipping

Shipping costs are incredibly high for overseas shipments. We are still adjusting shipping costs, especially where we are still waiting to determine how many books will fit into various size cartons and envelopes, so if anyone wants to place an order for more than a few books you may want to contact us first.

A Priority Mail envelope can hold up to three of our Christogenea New Testaments, and costs $32.95 to ship to anywhere in Europe, whether it contains one book or three. The amount may be slightly different, but the same situation exists for shipping elsewhere outside the United States. If at least three books at a time are ordered, it will still cost about $11 per book to ship to Europe. That is almost as much as the book itself, but it is significantly lower than ordering a single book.

Future Considerations

When Christreich is published once again, it will be less expensive than our New Testament because it is a hundred pages thinner, but it would be burdensome to program our system with so many different possible shipping options. We may do that, however, once we publish other titles that do not have so many pages.

Our International Shipping Policies

We are only configured to offer standard USPS Priority Mail shipping to traditionally White Christian nations. If you reside in a country which is not configured, the shipping cost is $40 per item regardless of the actual amount of postage. You are free to write us if you have special circumstances and want us to ship to any other country, and at our discretion we will make an adjustment for you.

There is a special additional per-item fee of $60,000 (six million cents) if you want us to ship to Israel.  This is not a joke. Here at Christogenea, we discriminate. If you do not like these terms, you will probably not like our books and perhaps you should go elsewhere for your reading enjoyment.