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Whether in written or audio formats, all of our work at is freely available at our main website. There is nothing which we sell here that we do not already offer freely. However there are times when actual books or CDs are much more useful than what may usually only be found on a computer screen.

Support our work at Christogenea, and help to spread our message at the same time, with copies of our Books, CDs and the print versions of our Saxon Messenger magazine.

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William Finck Hacked

This website was recently the target of an injection script which sent out several thousand "spam" emails alleging to be from "FEDEX". We apologize for that although it was not our own doing.

Christogenea is the target of thousands of hacker attempts every week, most of which are relatively lame. Most servers are continually tested by scum who desire to exploit resources and spread filth.

The Christogenea Commentary on the Book of Acts on CD

The Christogenea Commentary on the Book of Acts

A two-disc CD set containing all of the podcasts in MP3 format and notes in Open Document Format of William Finck's Christogenea Internet Radio Commentary on the Book of Acts, broadcast over 35 programs in 2013 and early 2014.

Price: US $7.29 Discounted Price for Multiple Quantity Orders: US $6.69
- Plus shipping and handling.

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