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Whether in written or audio formats, all of our work at is freely available at our main website. There is nothing which we sell here that we do not already offer freely. However there are times when actual books are much more useful than what may usually be found only on a computer screen.

Support our work at Christogenea, and help to spread our message at the same time with copies of our Books, and whatever else we may be able to offer here in the future.

This is a new website, and it is still under development. We do not know whether we shall be able to secure a credit card provider, since they all seem to be lorded over by the ADL and/or the SPLC. In December, 2021, we began a new card processing account with AlignPay, a supposedly "‘Cancel Culture’ Free" company who set us up with a gateway through Cornerstone Payment Systems, a supposedly Christian company which claims to have "Christ at the cornerstone of our business." We were cancelled within five days, and no reason was ever given for the cancellation. Both companies refused to respond to inquiries. So much for "cancelling the cancel culture"! Lately, on February 13th, 2024, we were notified of cancellation by $Cashapp.

Therefore in the meantime, we will only be able to accept payment for books through the mail.

Thank you, William Finck